We are the Colon Cancer Foundation! Founded in 2004, we work tirelessly toward a world without colon cancer. We support cutting edge research, treatment, partnering with solution providers and building awareness on this terrible disease and killer.

We have made great progress in the last decade – literally saving thousands of lives. However, cancer in the butt – in your colon, rectum or anus – still today is the third most commonly diagnosed cancer and second leading cause of cancer related deaths in the USA.

Our Goals:

  • Raise awareness of colorectal cancer (CRC), the importance of early detection and the most effective screening methods available.
  • Increase awareness of CRC risk factors and factors that may help prevent CRC, including family/genetic history, exercise and nutrition.
  • Reduce the disparity that exists in CRC incidence and mortality rates by providing funds to improve screening rates in underserved and uninsured communities.
  • Award research grants to young researchers studying genetic changes that will ultimately lead to new breakthroughs in the prevention, therapy and elimination of CRC in our lifetime.
  • Maximize the impact of our donors’ support by developing broad public/private partnerships with local, regional, and national organizations invested in a mutual goal of increasing national screening rates to 80% by 2018.
  • Our corporate website is at: www.coloncancerchallenge.org

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