PYB – Protect Your Butt

Our Mission

53,200 people die each year of cancer in their butts – specifically via colon cancer. It is the #2 cancer killer in the USA but is the most detectable and preventable. Our mission is to PROTECT YOUR BUTT. Thank you for visiting our site to learn more, take action, talk to your family/doctors and help us with your donations to kick cancer in the butt!! Protect Your Butt NOW!

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Butt Dial

Guess what we called YOU … you got a butt dial. That’s because we are here to save people from cancer. Click here to learn more about why we specifically called people like you!

Protect your butt

It’s time to Protect Your Butt. Cancer in your butt can be easily detected and you can survive if you get off your butt now! Click here to learn what to do and where to go! We are here to help.

Kick Butt

Our #1 mission is to kick cancer in the butt and save thousands of lives. We need your help! Donations for research, treatment, families in need and more. Click here to be a cancer butt kicker!

Tell Your Story

Protecting Your Butt can only happen when we share our stories about cancer, treatment and survival. These are some of our favorites! Please share your story with us … help spread the word on Protect Your Butt!

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